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Our Custom-Made shade sails can become any shape you desire to cover your space and can be easily installed and removed for cleaning.TensoShade Sails can be manufactured with commercial grade shade fabric or PVC fabric, either one comes with webbing reinforced corners, turnbuckles for each corner, and stainless steel corner rings, reinforced with UV resistance thread and a double row of locking stitch (not a chain stitch used by our competitors). Hardware is load rated and is intended for tension loads.If you are looking for a Do-It Yourself DIY Shade Sail alternative, click here.

PVC Membrane is 100% waterproof.

Commercial shade fabric is NOT waterproof.

From corner to corner, you will notice the carefully stitched cable pockets and highly reinforced corners on each end of your shade sail. TensoShade also includes, forged clips and and aircraft tow rated cable as part of your shade sail hardware package. This cable, which goes into the sewn pocked along the sail's perimeter, ultimately provides your shade sail's strength and stability. Reinforced shade sails are shipped without the cable. Most of our Reinforced shade sails comes with 1/4 or 3/16 inch aircraft tow rated cable, that will not bend well during shipping. (cable sizing depends on the sail size). Most competitors will include your cable sewn into the shade sail already. However, this cable is very thin and not as strong as the cable that we include.

You should tension each corner by stretching the cable with the inlcuded turnbuckle so that your shade sail is taut and does not sag or flap.