Is the shade sail waterproof?

Yes, Shade Sails made out of Sunbrella fabric are 100% water resistant. however, we recommend shade sails to be installed with at least a 20-degree slope to allow for water run off and to prevent water collection in the middle of the sail.
No, sahde sails made out of premium grade shade cloth are NOT waterproof. In a light rain the moisture will run off, but in a heavy downpour, water will come through. It is designed to shade and cool, therefore the fabric is permeable to allow heated air to escape as it rises. If you require waterproof Shade Sails, contact us please.

Are the UV and shade blocking the same with all colors?

No. The darker color shades block more UV rays and provide more shade. For example, white shades block 76% of UV rays while our black shades block 99%. Most Shade Sails block between 90-95% of UV rays.

Are Shade Sails difficult to take down?

No. Tension can be taken off the sail by loosening the turnbuckle and then attachment hardware can be easily removed.

Do Shade Sails require maintenance?

Yes, but not much. They should be cleaned annually with a garden hose. Periodically, the Shade Sails should be checked for proper tension and turnbuckles may need to be tightened (this is not difficult).

Is installing a Shade Sail difficult?

Not really, deciding on a design and securing attachment points are the most difficult part of a Shade Sail project. Please contact us for directions or download our installation guide lines.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, while we are an American company based in the USA, we ship globally. Contact us for a shipping quote. Shipping cost will be based on the weight of your order.

Can I leave my Shade Sail up year-round?

Shade Sails are not intended to support snow loads. Shade Sails installed in areas that do not receive snow can stay up year-round.

How long do Shade Sails last?

Properly installed sails should last many years.

Are Shade Sail cost effective?

Extremely cost effective. When you take into account the benefit gained through providing shade and the life span of the product.

Can Shade Sails enhance the appearance and value of my home?

Yes, most definitely. With the development of Shade Sails over the past 13 years in innovation, design and application as well as the tasteful use of color, both aesthetics and added value can be achieved.

Can the Shade Sail be attached to the house?

Yes, generally if the house has a brick outer wall, or the connection fixing points can be attached into the rafter beams or any secure structure point.

Is the UV% block out important?

Yes, very important. We are all aware of the harmful effects of the sun. The higher UV % block fabrics allow less UV rays to penetrate, giving you more protection outdoors.

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